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  • Frappachino – Better Than “StarBugs”

    July 1st, 2012SusetteRecipes

    Made this today and if I do say so myself, just as good as going to Starbucks.

    I combine a handful of white chocolate chip morsels and half a tall glass of vanilla almond milk (commercial Almond Breeze version, but the lower calorie vanilla) and heaping spoonful or two of instant coffee in the container and buzz until you can’t hear the morsels anymore. Then I go and measure 3/4 of the tall glass of ice and then add that into the container and finish buzzing it.

    You can add a frozen banana if you desire or some yougurt I am sure or another flavor if chips. Experiment, whatever you do it will be delicious and cheaper than Starbucks. You already made the big investment on your Vitamix!

    Another tip is that, the secrete ingredient in a Starbucks Frap is xanthan gum. Its a natural gum base that is a thickener (a lot of gluten free people will use xanthan to thicken foods) and it gives that Starbucks mouthfeel and it will keep
    your homemade frap from separating. It might seem expensive for that little bag of powder, but you only need a tiny bit and it lasts forever.

    However, you gotta know that a part of those bacteria is used, but nothing biologically active or anywhere nearly harmful. Which reminds me, I forgot to take my “probiotic” this morning – so I missed getting those thousands of live bacteria…

    I remember someone came and told me this, “hey, you know that black stuff annoying our cabbages? Bet if we ferment some sugar water with that it might end up containing something we can get out of the moonshine and dry and grind to a powder and use to thicken Frappucinos and give structure to gluten-free breads.”

    But I mean the bacteria of which I speak is not a pathogen nor a helpful bacteria for people if you have some knowledge about it. Whatsoever, the 31 day fat loss cure program (this’s where my inspiration came from) also suggested against it, so try it and you will see everything yourself eventually.

    DIY Watermelon Smoothie

    By the way, I also have self-designed and created a cup of Watermelon Smoothie today with my kids. What I really wanted to tell is, we make popsicles out of this, and all our leftover smoothies. Our kids love them, and I am happy they aren’t eating sugary, chemical-filled junk. It’s also a nice way to use up leftovers, especially in summer.

    Another good summery treat, which has totally gotten us off ice cream, is we blend frozen bananas with a tiny bit of milk to make “ice cream.” Sometimes we add peanut butter, which is heavenly. We also sometimes add carrots, spinach, mangoes, or strawberries. It’s so good we use it to positively motivate our children.

    Also, I love freezing red grapes to add to smoothies. I just wash, dry and pull them off the stems. As long as they are dry don’t seem to have the mush problem so don’t need to flash freeze. Just pop them in a plastic bag.

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