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  • Fruit Butters in Desserts

    July 24th, 2012SusetteRecipes

    Typically people like to use a lot of butter in my baked goods. But there are some recipes for desserts that substitute prune butter, fig butter and/or date butter in place. (I make the fruit butters in my Vitamix) Following is what I learnt from the food lovers fat loss program, and you will find a few little recipes of this nature for baked good recipes that use these types of ingredients.

    I did come up with a decent pie recipe that doesn’t use butter or oil. I took a cup of flour and added 8 dates and chopped it all up in my Vitamix. One time I made it, I added a couple of tablespoons of prune butter and a half teaspoon of whole flax seeds as well, and it made a decent pie crust.

    If you happen to be interested in recipes that use cane juice in place of sugar as a sweetener, look no further. They had some organic cane juice for sale at the farmers market.

    Cane juice is a beverage; a really sweet one

    but still. I don’t think it’s sweeter than sodas (they seem less sweet because of the acids added). It’s pleasant. You can get it fresh pressed in tropical street markets.

    You may have never thought of it as a baking ingredient, or maybe a sweet tea base. However the flavor of cane juice would work really well with black tea. If there’s something else where you use sugar water or a light simple syrup, you could try cane juice. I’m producing mixed drinks, mostly.

    Fruit butters are similar to jams or jellies but with less sugar

    I actually don’t even add sugar in some of my recipes. For prune or fig butter, I boil them in a pot on the oven. If you’re using figs, cut the hard tops off first. I strain out any liquid.

    If you want, you can use the liquid as prune or fig juice (and you may or may not want to add some sweetener then).  I put the prunes or figs in the Vitamix and process until they’re ground. You can store in the refrigerator for a few weeks. I make a big batch and store in the freezer. It makes a nice filling for cookies.

    You can also use prune butter in crepes. I tried making prune butter with figs instead of dried prunes, but it was just to watery. You need to get most of the water out to get the right consistency. I use the same type of formula for cranberry sauce.

    When I strain the cranberries, I add 4 cups of water a 1 cup sugar to the strainer and I end up with cranberry juice. What doesn’t strain gets ground into cranberry sauce. I’ve seen some nice recipes that use date sugar instead of regular sugar. You can buy date sugar in the health food stores, but so far, almost any recipe I’ve tried that calls for date sugar works equally well with dates ground up in the Vitamix. I don’t even bother to boil them first, just rinse and throw in the Vitamix.

    For those of you who are interested in this type of detailed recipes for weight loss, I’d recommend you check out the program to see if it’s worth to you 🙂

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