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  • Fruit Smoothies with Hidden Vegetables vs. V8 Type Smoothie

    July 20th, 2012SusetteRecipes

    This is my observation for myself after using my Vitamix for almost two years now. Read everything you can about green smoothies and then just decide for yourself what you prefer and the most important thing is to change it up. I got really scared when I read that one person overdosed on spinach concentrated smoothies and had to go to the hospital so it is important to be careful, even with healthful drinks. That being said, my tastes have evolved so that I now really enjoy a V8 type smoothie without any fruit on occasion.

    I think newbies like the fact that they are hiding vegetables in a drink that tastes sweet. I know I did. However, I bet your tolerance to the taste of the vegetables will evolve over time so that you don’t need the sweet. I do think the next evolution I need to take in my V8 type drink is the salt. I have switched to sea salt, but I still need some or find it too bland.

    This morning I mixed a whole cucumber, 1 large tomato, two celery stalks, 3 carrots, a scoup of black bean salsa hummus, and water and buzzed it all up.  Then I added some worstershire sauce, 3 capfuls of lemon, and a small amount of sea salt. Buzzed that and lastly went back and added a lidful of ice. My trick for me because I like my smoothies cold and like to blend everything up first.

    The Vitamix is so versatile, don’t get stuck in a rut, it was meant to be a grand experiment in your health.

    However there are a few things you will want to note when you purchase the machine:

    1. The motor should be able to act smoother at lower speeds. Aside from the intial kick this one sputters. If the spinning isn’t smooth at all, return it and exchange for another one.
    2. Out of the box, the blade assembly should loose (could unscrew it easily by hand) – check it before getting it to work as you may have risked having it come off at high speed.
    3. The speed dial shouldn’t be constant: When it reaches full speed (while on variable mode) you should notice a different between 6-7 and between 7 and 10
    4. Always start with the dial on the lowest and the flip switch on low, then ramp the dial up to 10 and flip it up to high

    All in all, Vitamix machines are known for their high quality, and it is even hard to find two consecutive machines that fail to live up to that quality standard.

    And personally I have no problems at all with the end result the Vitamix is providing: great smoothies, nut butters, hummus etc… all have worked out very well for me so I hope yours will work well as well.

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