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  • Hummus in VitaMix – Be Patient

    July 16th, 2012SusetteHealth, Recipes

    Not sure if you should ever make hummus in VitaMix? First you need to know that besides it is going to take sometime to tamp ingredients down, it would sometimes sound like it was broken and adding more water. All these are pretty normal.

    I thought this was a serious problem and I just used the food processor instead. But after tasting today to see any season adjustment or add more water (can’t imagine it needing it), everything about the machine just suddenly made sense to me. I’m taking to a family gathering & my cousin was going to make a veggie tray. I also want to make another batch for trip to NC. I’ve been using my pressure cooker to do beans. So far have done the garbanzo for hummus (& lentil casserole which can be made into a salad)

    I made hummus the other day using the VM and it came out great after I added a little more lemon juice. I also added Tahini and a little water and some cilantro. I cooked the garbanzos until they were pretty well done too. When mixing, I did not flip the high switch, but used the higher settings on the variable dial and I did have to use the tamper too.  To get all of the hummus out of the blades and below, I used a skinny spatula, one about an inch wide.

    I add olive or grapeseed oil to my hummus, but my new trick is after I get as much out of the container as possible making hummus, I make a V8 type smoothie and the last ingredient I add is ice. That really helps clean out the machine and makes it easier to do a general clean up.

    I don’t always use dish soap but rinsing for many smoothies, but after anything with oil I put in some dish soap and water and run the machine. Ice seems the best to clean the machine.

    I don’t use the Vitamix for Hummus – I use the food processor or Blendtec. I’ve got the Wildside jar for the Blendtec, so it’s even easier to get things out. HOWEVER – if you don’t have a narrow spatula for getting food out the Vitamix (or other blender) jar, I think you’d really like it. I consider it a necessary tool for our blenders. Once you spatulate out all you can, you can put the jar back on the Vitamix, put the lid on, and give it one quick pulse. Any hummus or whatever sticking to the blade flies off to the jar sides where it’s easy to

    Anyway, you can purchase VitaMix from its official store: http://www.vitamix.com/ (I also got mine from there)


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