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  • Specific Usage for Magic Bullet

    July 8th, 2012SusetteHealth

    OK, I’m probably going to become a pariah here, but I have had a blendtec, currently own a vitamix 5200, and still love my little Magic Bullet, but what do I use the MB for? Making protein drinks that come out almost like Wendy’s frostys. Not quite, there’s some crunch to the ice pieces.

    I’m sure I could do better with either the B or V, but the thing I LOVE is that it actually helped me speed up my diet results and make everything so effortless, and when I’m finished, I just take the blade and container off the little machine and turn it over, unscrew the blade, and am ready to drink directly from the container. With my B and V, I found I had to fight getting my thick frosty out of the container, losing some of that delicious goodness in the process. And interestingly there is a jar that compensates for that just like how the old Osterizer used to blend into mason jars strongly. I see the Blendtec Twister comes with a special spatula for getting stuff out.

    A lot of us have skinny spatulas for our blenders. I have made several testing and found out that you can actually use one of those to get most of the stuff out, then put the jar back on the blender and pulse the blades for a second so anything stuck to them flies off.

    With my thick smoothies and shakes, I pour what comes out easily or with a little prompting from a spatula. After a couple minutes the rest usually melts to the point where it will pour.

    It’s easier to get stuff out of the Blendtec jars. It’s probably easier still with the Wildside jar, but I just got mine and haven’t played with it.

    You don’t need to buy the Twister jar to get skinny spatulas. You can get them online or in stores.

    By the way, I also have a ninja pulse, which comes with a small pitcher and 2 large tumbler size containers that have screw on drinking caps. I use it to make my smoothie in this large tumbler unscrew the blade housing and screw on the closable drinking cap and I am all set. I would be drinking from the container I blended in. And I just love it.

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