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  • Surgeon Visit Today and Weigh In

    July 1st, 2012SusetteHealth

    I saw the surgeon today about the pain I have been having and he said it was common to have pain at the site of the port when there is mesh use to adhere it to the abdominal wall. So yay there, but the BIGGEST Yay is that I weighed 343.0 so that means in the last 20 months I have lost 207.0 pounds! That is so cool and I am so happy! I thought I have lost a bunch more but was too nervous to weigh for fear of a gain.

    Also, the way PP is designed, you DO count points for ingredients when making a recipe. EVEN if the recipe is all fruits and vegetables, they will still do this because otherwise a lot of people would drink large amounts of calories in smoothies and soups and fruit concoctions.

    Of course there’s a certain amount of wiggle room in this – You may have doubt about at what point does “free food” become a recipe? But I think it makes a lot of sense, just because it’s so much harder to overeat plain fruits and plain vegetables. And the total allowances for the day are pretty much figured on people having 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables.

    For the weight loss and the perseverance. Don’t be afraid to look at the scale, you will either see that you are doing really good, or that you need to do a little better. And it sounds like you are doing really good! 🙂 And I so happy that the pain was not something to worry about. It is good to have someone (doctor) reassure you that everything is okay.

    On the other hand, Last night I was sitting on the couch when the phone rang. I hopped up and darted to the kitchen. After the conversation when I went back to the couch I realized that I had “hopped up”. This may sound strange, but it’s been a couple years since I’ve “hopped up”. I usually push off the arm of the couch. Same thing with getting out out of low cars – need to push my hands on my thighs or grab the edge of the roof for a hoist. Yet another reason I realized it was time to do something about this body – I should be able to hop off couches and out of cars at 28!

    My brother told me the other day that he had to hold his breath to tie his shoes – if he ever decides to do WW I’ll pick him up and drive him there! I spend a lot of time with him and he’s been curious so I’ve explained all about points to him. He asked me “can you borrow points?” So I told him about banking. He said “no, I mean can you borrow them from other people, I think I could do it if I had 80 points per day?” He cracked me! 🙂

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