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  • Sweetness, To Be or Not To Be

    July 27th, 2012SusetteHealth

    Hi, I have always agreed with adding sweet to get in the habit of drinking all that nutrition.

    If your long range intent is to reduce sugars, then yes, switch over to whole food sugars like an apples, well any fruit, especially dates/prunes/raisins are at least whole foods. And stevia if you can get used to the taste. but know that eating sweet substitutes keeps alive your appetite for sweets even if you are eating no refined sugar.

    If you have a long range intention to eventually go off the sweets, then wait for the right time ( when you really feel like starting) and go cold turkey. For us when we do it, it is 3 days till fruit tastes sweet enough. And once I have switched over to fruit, even one bite of something sugar sweetened feels way way too, makes my mouth pucker. Then you become able to taste all the natural sweetness in vegetables and nuts. almonds for example are something I find very sweet.

    I’ve made several recipe mostly smoothies and a couple soups. I’m finding the smoothies to not be sweet enough for me to drink. I made the Sweet Green Smoothie today and thought I’d never be able to choke this down. I added 1/2 T of honey and it was actually delicious. My book said it make 5 cups. I think that was a mistake as mine was only 1.5 cups. I drank it all.

    However, your tastes will change and adjust. It doesn’t happen immediately, but I promise, it will. Were you ever a coffee drinker? My mother can drink her coffee black and to me that is just nasty, but she saves lots of calories that way. Besides honey, you might also get some stevia / truvia type sweetener packets to add to things. Pitted dates are also supposed to add sweetness to a recipe. Personally, I think you should keep adding the sweet because the majority of the drink is so nutritious for you.

    I once went off artificial sweeteners. I did it mainly to get chemicals out of my life. The side effect was my decrease in my sugar craving. I was a candy a day person. I had stashes here in there in the house to keep my kids and DH from eating my candy. Come February I couldn’t believe how much candy didn’t appeal to me. My daughter then helped me empty out my stashes. She’s helpful that way. 😉 I had more of a DT from not drinking diet soda, but my new found calmness in the sugar department really got me through it.

    I still though don’t like sour things and that is what I encounter with these Vitamix drinks. It’s reassuring that I’m on the right track to just add my honey or raw sugar. I might have some Stevia some where I’ll look.

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