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  • Vitamix 5200 CIA vs. Vitamix Pro Series 750

    July 6th, 2014SusetteHealth

    First of all they are both extremely powerful blenders, and you’ll be able to get the same results in either one. If money’s a concern, I would suggest you to go with the Vitamix 5200. Otherwise, the 750 might be a good choice. I tend to think of it as going more directly against the Blendtec blenders. Both companies make quality products, and folks generally decide which based on ‘bells and whistles’ – not ability and results. I think the competition is good for consumers; Blendtec changed its earlier poor lid design to something much more like Vitamix’s; Vitamix now has blenders, like this one, available with a hybrid of Vitamix and Blendtec features.


    Anyway, the Vitamix 750 is 40% quieter than the 5200, something I would really appreciate. The jar that comes with it is short enough to fit under a cabinet, and that jar is the full 64 oz. that the taller Vitamix jars are. Other shorter Vitamix jars are 32-48 ounces. The wider based jar is easier to remove sticky things from, like nut butters. Vitamix believes the jar with the 750 blends more efficiently; but I don’t expect that to be noticeable. There are several presets (as with the Blendtecs) on the 750: smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, purees and wash. As with any blender with presets, you may have to run the blender for a few seconds longer with some recipes. The presets run the blender at changing speeds for preset times. Some people like presets, some hate them, some like having the option to use either them (and/)or a dial, and some just won’t buy a blender with presets as an option. You can just dial up to the speed you want on any blender I’ve seen. With the 750, the same dial switches to the presets or to the 1-10 speeds (sets on the left, speeds on the right). It has a pulse switch as well. The 5200 has a variable/high switch: for many recipes you ramp up to 10 on the dial, then flip that switch to high. The 750 has 20% more power, but it’s unlikely you’d ever see that difference. Williams-Sonoma, the seller of the 750, claims it’s the most powerful blender made. It is not – but again, I don’t think you’d be able to tell any difference. Anything at or above the power of the 5200 may just be overkill.

    But you asked which someone who answers this would get. I would get the 750. I like the option of presets (with them you need the tamper less or not at all, and I love having the machine turn itself off so I can just walk away while it’s doing its thing), the jar design, and particularly the less-noisy thing. If I were thriftier, I’d get a reconditioned 5200, not necessarily the CIA-named one, as it’s the same machine as the non-private-branded 5200s OR a reconditioned 7500. Buy 10,000 5200s and they’ll put any name you want on them. I think that’s the number. It’s loads of money, wouldn’t it be? And I don’t know that, for me, the 5200 would be thrifty. I bought a 4500 – same blender as the 5200 but without variable speeds – which really is the incredible sort of machine you would expect from Vitamix. But I liked automatic cycles, so I bought a Blendtec, too. So much for thrift.

    Vitamix Pro Series 750

    I mentioned the tamper. It’s used for two reasons. One is to prevent cavitation – a pocket of air above the blades that the ingredients swirl around, rather than their travelling through the blades. If you’re not using a programmed cycle, blend with it in place – many recipes will take half the time. It’s also used to tamp thicker things down as they blend. You need this less with the jar design of the 750, and also need that less with the variable speed cycles. There can still be cavitation with that jar design (with any jar design), but not with the presets that vary the speed and match the speeds well to the viscosity the cycle anticipates. Not that it’s that big a pain just to leave it in place.


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